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Are you looking for premium quality low-profile jars for packaging your products? Worry not, as we have just the product for you. Check out our range of Qube Jars dedicated to adding style and elegance while maintaining the effectiveness of high-quality packaging. These pristine, flawless jars are versatile and can store a variety of products. 


Our Qube 5 mL square jars collection is available in clear body with black or white lids. It is also available in an opaque black body with white or black inner portions. You can take your pick from the various combinations we have in stock. We offer Qube jars in various counts ranging from 250 to 12500 pieces, catering to businesses of all scales.


Qube jars are made of high-quality glass, giving them a sophisticated, sleek look. They look attractive and can be customized with your brand's logo labels. The glass used in manufacturing Qube Jars is widely used as food-grade glass, making them safe for storing edible products. These low-profile containers offer durability, and the contents remain perfectly safe and fresh. Qube jars are perfect for storing small quantities of products, as they add a stylish touch and take up less space on store shelves. Our Qube 5 mL square jar can store dense products like lip balm, serum, glitter, etc.


The construction of the Qube jars makes them easy to handle while being child-resistant, preventing children from accessing the contents of the jars. Qube jars can be easily stored in drawers, slipped into a handbag or pocket, and carried around. 


Beast Branding offers a bulk quantity of Qube jars in various shapes, colors, and transparencies at reasonable rates. Check out our entire range of packaging supplies and place your bulk order today! We also offer custom labels and label application services to help you elevate your branding efforts.

Give a premium look to your product by using custom labels on these jars. Your brand logo or a small design is enough to catch the customers' attention. Whether you wish to label the jar lid or body, we provide an apt-sized label. For the 9 mL square jar lid, we recommend a 1.5" x 1.5" label, but for the 9mL jar body, we recommend 1.25" square labels. Similarly, for the 2 Oz Straight Sided Jar, we recommend a label sized 1" x 3" for its body, and 2" for the jar lid.

Sleek, stylish, simple, and sophisticated, the low-profile jars will uplift the overall look of your product. These beauties are perfect for packaging and storing cosmetic products like lip balms, eye shadow powders, compact powders, top-tier creams & serums. You can also use these jars to store decorative products for stationery and apparel, like sparkle powder, glue, beads, and buttons. Intricate jewelry items like nose-rings, toe-rings, or ear-rings can also be packaged and stored in jars. Perfect for medical use, these jars can also store specific quantities of ointments and lotions.

Invest in high-quality packaging and customize it for your brand for the best results. No matter what your product is, Beast Branding can provide suitable packaging and customization to suit your needs. Choose Beast Branding as your packaging & customization partner today!