Ideal storage solution for dry products, our collection of 1/8 oz mylar bags can be used to pack candies, chips, spices, nuts, seeds, medicines, or cosmetic products. These 1/8 oz mylar bags can store coffee, tea, art supplies, and more. These bags ensure they keep the food items fresh and maintain your products' shelf-life. You can customize the 1/8 oz mylar bags using labels. Beast Branding offers custom labels in different shapes and sizes and provides label application services. Adding custom labels with your brand's story, logo, tagline, or message will add more personality to the 1/8 oz mylar bags and help establish your brand identity. 


Our collection of 1/8 oz mylar bags comes at an affordable price and is available in bulk quantities. Beast Branding is an end-to-end packaging and labeling solutions provider. Whether you're a small business owner or a big business, we can cater to your packaging and labeling requirements. You can also check our other packaging options and order them wholesale. Don't forget to browse our custom-printing solutionsblank roll labels, and label application services