Elevate your brand identity by packaging your products in top-quality glass jars and branding them with custom labels. Label the lid or the jar itself, and we can print custom labels according to your preference. We suggest the best label size for the jars you like. The 2" x 4" label is perfect for the 4 oz glass jars. If you want to label its lid, we recommend 2" labels. 

Durable, airtight, and portable, our glass jars are perfect as kitchenware and food containers. They provide a sleek, sophisticated, simple storage solution for candies and snacks. They can be used repeatedly without causing any wastage. We carry an exclusive collection of low-profile jars too. Beast Branding is your one-stop shop for the best packaging and high-quality custom stickers for your brand. Check out our website to explore the different packaging and custom sticker options we have in stock.