Our range of Philips Rx, 116 mm tubes, is available in several colors. You can use them to color code your supplies. We offer custom labels for these tubes and recommend the rectangular 4" x 2" labels and the 3.68" x 2.24" tapered labels. You can also choose 116 mm tubes with a plastic cap, available in opaque and transparent options. We also have a selection of clear tubes with wood cork that offers an extra-premium look to your product. 

The 78 mm tubes from our collection are made in the USA and available in opaque and transparent varieties. You can customize these tubes with 2.75" x 2.15" tapered labels. 

The opaque tubes are the perfect storage containers as they are naturally UV-blocking. Clear tubes are ideal for enhanced visibility of your product. Easy to use, they feature a squeeze top that can be popped when needed. Other advantages of using tubes for storage are that they are lightweight, durable, and portable. Choose Beast Branding as your packaging supply and customization partner and see your sales skyrocket within no time.