Our versatile collection of food grade mylar bags is apt for packaging food items. We carry these bags ranging from 4 inches to 9.25 inches in height and with capacities ranging from 1 gram to 1 Lb (448 grams).


Whether beef jerky, dried fruits, fresh fruits, pet food, snack items, coffee, or tea, we have the perfect food grade mylar bag for you. These bags are versatile and can cater to diverse storage needs. The durability and puncture-resistant feature of these food grade mylar bags makes them ideal for sealing in the freshness of food items and protecting against environmental factors like dust, moisture, and light.


The opaque food grade mylar bags protect the contents 100% from any kind of light exposure. These bags lock in the aroma and freshness of your food items, making them ideal for food packaging. The bags also store medical and pharmaceutical products, protein powders, stationery items, and documents. 


We offer a variety of food grade mylar bags, catering to different needs. Some of these bags come with a matte finish, while others come with a glossy finish, so you can select the look & style that suits your product the best. We offer opaque as well as vista food grade mylar bags. Vista mylar bags are ideal for having a clear view of the contents while protecting the content. Most bags are available in both black and white. 


We also offer different shapes and sizes of custom labels for all sizes of the food grade mylar bags to help you customize your packaging and elevate your branding efforts. If you have labels already, we provide an application service also. Beast Branding offers a variety of packaging options at an affordable price. 
The Loud Lock Grip N Pull 12" x 9" Mylar Pouch Bag is a relatively big bag and is perfect for storing candies, spices, or protein powder. Labels measuring 7" x 5" will look apt on these bags and catch the eyes of your customers. Another big bag – the 1 LB Mylar Pouch Bag, transparent from one side- is perfect for storing documents, candies, veggies, and other fresh fruits. 7" x 7" labels are perfect to suit their big size. 

Smaller bags like the Mylar 1 Gram Pouch Bags in black and white can store nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Labels measuring 2" x 2" will look perfect on these bags and elevate your brand identity. For medium-sized bags like the 1/8 Oz or the 3.5 grams mylar bags, you can use labels 3" x 3" and 1 Oz or the 28 grams mylar bags; labels measuring 4" x 6" will be perfect. No matter what size mylar bag you choose, we can create the appropriate custom labels for you. 

The best feature of our mylar bags is that they cut out air transfer to almost zero. Their middle layer is made of aluminum, and the bag comprises plastic layers inside and outside to cater to long-term food storage needs. Other exciting uses of our mylar bags are storing medical and pharmaceutical items, protein powders, critical legal documents like house deeds, CDs and DVDs, important and collectible postcards, photographs, and magazines. 

No matter what industry you are from – Beef Jerky & Dry Goods, Medical, Spices & Herbs, Coffee & Tea, Pet Food, Snacks, Candy, Emergency Planning, Health & Beauty, your products can stay safe and secure in the high-quality Mylar bags from Beast Branding