Custom Mylar Bags & Labels for Emergency Planning

Storing food has never been simpler. Mylar bags are a great option for preppers to do food storage as they protect the contents from external factors such as heat, dirt, moisture, light, insects and rodents. 

However, mylar bags alone cannot replace food storage containers like food-grade storage buckets, specifically meant for storing food. But they sure can add an extra layer of protection. And, if you use both in a combination, you can create a robust protection for your food items. 

Just line the food grade bucket or container with a mylar bag of the appropriate size, add oxygen absorbers and then seal the bag with an iron. This will create a seal of extra protection for the contents and ensure it lasts for years!  

At Beast Branding, mylar bags are available in a range of sizes and styles (Stand up pouches or Ziplock bags), all of which are heat-sealable and offer maximum protection. To add more personality and uniqueness to this fool-proof food packaging, you can also use uniquely designed custom labels on your opaque mylar bags.

Beast Branding has a wide range of mylar bags and custom labels for every kind of requirement. Get a quote today!