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Beast Branding offers a bulk quantity of Qube jars in various shapes, colors, and transparencies at reasonable rates. Check out our entire range of packaging supplies and place your bulk order today! We also offer custom labels and label application services to help you elevate your branding efforts.

The Qube 5mL Square Premium Glass Low Profile Jar is available in transparent and opaque bodies. You don't need to buy thousands; we accept orders for 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 pieces. Customize these square containers with 1.25" x 1.25" labels for the lids and 1.25" for the jar body. 

Our 5mL jar collection also features circular jars with transparent bodies and opaque colors, popularly known as "thick wall" or "flat wall." Labels measuring 1.25" are perfect for the jar lids and 1.125" for the jar's body. 

What are the perks of using Glass Jars? They look classy and uplift your product's look instantly. They are eco-friendlier compared to plastic. They offer visibility through their clear bodies. They suit small product quantities and are easy to carry around. 

Check out the versatile collection of low-profile jars on Beast Branding to level up your packaging. Place an order today!