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These sophisticated Qube square jars can be purchased in black opaque, white opaque as well as in transparent bodies with black or white lids. You can buy the Qube square jars in quantities like 50, 100, 150, 200, or 250 pieces. 

Some products like lip balms, gels, and candles are often preferred in circular jars. Worry not! Our 9 mL Low Profile Containers collection is also available in round shapes. These round jars are made of premium quality glass, have a fancy look, and will turn heads! You can buy these containers in white or black lids and bulk quantities like 320 or 350 pieces. Take it up a notch by customizing the jars with your logo and design. We recommend using a 1.5" custom label for the jar lid and a 1.375" label for the jar itself. 

Handy, lightweight, and sleek, they can easily slip into any pouch or pocket. Level up your product packaging with our selection of low-profile jars and containers. Visit Beast Branding and place your order today!