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Qube 5mL Square Premium Glass Low Profile Jar Child Safe - Opaque or Clear - (Various Counts)

Qube 5mL Square Premium Glass Low Profile Jar Child Safe - Opaque or Clear - (Various Counts)

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 We make it a goal to work with honest companies and manufacturers that provide high-quality products. Qube is one of those manufacturers, working hard to ensure every jar they provide us is pristine.

Just picture your brand's logo across the lid on these Low Profile Jars. That's instantly improved brand awareness right there.

Though this is our smallest of the low-profile containers, you can comfortably fit up to 1g of product inside. Looking for a bigger size? The Qube 9mL square containers look identical to these, just a bit bigger.

Each order comes with a quantity of 250 square jars and lids, each with a capacity of 5mL.

Premium Quality Guaranteed

Each one of these amazing Low Profile Jars is made out of premium quality glass and gives a sleek sophisticated look. The glass utilized in the manufacture of this product is widely considered to be food-grade glass, and it ensures that all your precious contents will remain perfectly safe and fresh.

Child Resistant Packaging!

The square black lid is not only an amazingly stylish addition to this product, but it also provides a child-friendly seal that prevents children from easily opening it and spilling the contents.

There are

  • Clear with Black Lids
  • Clear with White Lids
  • Opaque Black
  • Opaque White


    • 250 square Jars and Lids
    • Capacity: 5ml

    • Capacity:
    • 0-1g = 5-7ml
    • 1-2g = 9ml
    • 2-4g = 15ml


  • Neck Outside Diameter w/ Thread: 52 mm 
  • Neck Outside Diameter w/o Thread: 50 mm 
  • Neck Inner Diameter: 43 mm 
  • Neck Height: 9 mm  
  • Recommended Sticker size for lid: 1.25" x 1.25"
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lip-balm makeup
Organic Lip Balm

we make our own lip balm and have always had cheap plastic packaging without labels. Well, we found Beast Branding and they had these perfect jars for our lip balm. They created these cute little stickers to the top of the jar too. We feel so official. We will be back!