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Sealer Sales Manual Gummed Tape Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser - (1 Count)

Sealer Sales Manual Gummed Tape Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser - (1 Count)

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Designed for the low volume user - up to 50 cartons per day, the SS-800 is our manual gummed tape dispenser that can moisten, cut and dispense gummed tape with a simple hand lever. SS-800 offers a large moistening brush with variable water level and adjustable pressure plate guaranteeing optimal tape moistening for secure carton sealing. This industrial gummed tape dispenser can cut and moisten nearly all types of gummed tape. Length is adjustable up to 42” with an easy to use lever. This unit requires no electricity making this dispenser ideal for any location.


  • Easy to operate – minimal training required

  • Tape length can be adjusted from 4” – 42”

  • Easy to pull lever to dispense tape

  • Large water reservoir

  • Compatible with all types of gummed tape

  • All metal construction for durability

  • No electricity required to operate


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Length of Tape 4" - 42"
Width of Tape 0.8" - 4"
Max Roll Diameter 8"
Water Reservoir Capacity 40-oz
Dimensions 19" x 10" x 10"
Weight 22-lbs
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