Plastic vials are multipurpose and can be color-coded for more efficient packaging. Color code your spices, ingredientsmedicines, or even arts and crafts supply easily. They have easy access and are senior-friendly. 

The 30 Dram pop-top vials find use even in the beauty & health industry. Cosmetic products like lotions, creams, serums, and essential oils can be stored in vials, as they are leak-proof and possess an airtight seal.

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The best-selling, popular vials from the well-known brand Philips are ideal for businesses looking for top-quality, reliable packaging solutions. We carry a collection of 60 dram pop tops in different colors from Philips that can securely package and protect your product from outside elements. These opaque white containers can hold 1/2 oz or close to 14 grams. Beast Branding offers bulk quantities of Philips 60 dram pop tops at an affordable price. We offer these 60 dram pop top in varying counts ranging from 75 to 5400 pieces. 


These easy-to-use 60 dram pop tops are designed to be child-resistant, making them a safe packaging option for any product. These vials are moisture-resistant, too, effectively blocking moisture so the contents, whether food or medicine, stay fresh for a long time. This feature of the 60 Dram pop tops makes them ideal for substances sensitive to dampness or humidity. These opaque bottles effectively block sunlight and protect from dust and oxygen. These vials have a sleek, sophisticated appearance and are easy to clean. The 60 dram pop tops are customizable, allowing you to add your brand's logo, artwork, or message on these vials using labels. 


The 60 Dram Pop Tops are locally recyclable and manufactured using polypropylene (PP) material. They have a convenient squeeze-top opening, making it easy for adults to access the contents. These 60 Dram Pop Tops are lightweight and feel great to hold and carry. 


Each of these 60 Dram Pop Top meets the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) safety criteria. They are manufactured in the USA and are free from industrial chemicals like BPA (Bisphenol A). Check out our entire collection of packaging solutions and order the ones that suit your product! We also offer custom-printing solutions for your needs and label application services at reasonable costs.