Mylar bags are a popular solution for diverse storage needs. Our collection of blank mylar bags is clear on one side and opaque white on the other. Their simple yet elegant design makes them a great way for businesses to showcase their products while securing them at the same time. Our collection of blank mylar bags can hold ¼ oz or 14 grams of product. 


Blank mylar bags are widely used in the food & snack industry. Mylar bags are a great packaging option for various edible products, food, snacks, medicines, cosmetics, dry fruits, etc. Since they offer product visibility, they are perfect for storing colorful, attractive items like candies and art supplies. 


Blank mylar bags provide excellent protection and can be heat-sealed for an added layer of security. They keep the contents fresh and safe for a long duration. Blank mylar bags are durable and available in various quantities, from 100 to 20,000 pieces on Beast Branding



Our range of blank mylar bags is sure to catch your customers' attention with its beautiful glossy finish and square edges. They measure 8.14 inches in height and 5 inches in width. They are easy to carry around and convenient to use. These blank mylar bags can be customized with labels and stickers. Adding your brand's labels will ensure your customers remember your brand and return to you whenever they see the bag. 


Beast Branding offers various packaging options at an affordable price. If you are looking for custom-printing solutions or label application services, Beast Branding is the most reliable partner!