Labeling Excellence: Why Beast Branding Is Your Best Choice to Apply Labels

Labels are an important part of every product packaging. By reading labels, customers get all the information regarding the brand, product, and other crucial details. This helps build customer trust. Adding labels also helps you follow the regulations and guidelines laid out by your State. 

Application of Labels 

As a business owner, you might have the product packaging you want and labels for the same, But sometimes, applying the labels on the packaging can be a hassle. 

It is not easy to apply labels on bulk packaging. Many factors are involved in it. One needs to consider the label's material. Other factors, like the properties of the adhesive used, the surface of the product on which the label is applied, and the speed of label application, may play an important role. Neatly applied labels give a nice visual look to your product. Different types of products need different approaches for applying labels. 

The two methods to apply labels on your packages are:

1)    Automated Label Application

2)    Manual Label Application

Automated vs manual label application

Automated and advanced machinery is used to paste product labels in the automated process. In the case of the manual method, the label application is done by hand. Let's compare both these types as per the following factors. 

  •     Precision of Application

Manual application can get hasty or wrong, resulting in the label peeling off before it reaches the customers. The chances of human error can be reduced by using the automated technique. It helps avoid overlapping or misaligning labels that may occur with manual application. The automated technique makes the labels stuck 100% accurately and precisely each time. Each step of the application process is performed with the same level of accuracy every time. 

  •   Wastage

Manual application can be risky, especially when handling large volumes of delicate products like tubes. It can lead to cracks or even break if mishandled. Using automated equipment is much smarter as it reduces errors that can lead to material waste. Automated application can result in zero label and packaging wastage. It is designed to handle and label a large volume simultaneously.

  •     Speed

Automated label application is much faster than manual label application. It helps increase the process efficiency and reduce the production time, helping streamline it and achieve a higher output.

  •   Cost Effectiveness

Outsourcing automated label application is much more effective and affordable in the long run than manual label application. 

  •   Versatility

Automated label application can be done on various products that vary in shapes, sizes, and labeling requirements, making it ideal for various product lines. The automated technique is adaptable, flexible, and capable of performing effectively in different situations.

  •     Hygiene

Manual labeling can leave fingerprints and sticky residues on sticker labels or packaging surfaces, causing the ink to smear and rendering the labels unreadable, resulting in an unprofessional look. 

Automated label application is far better than the manual application of packaging labels. Using an automated approach, applying labels is a hygienic, quick, and hassle-free process. Labels can be cut in standard or custom shapes. Automation ensures that the applied labels look neat and clean with a professional look.

 Beast Branding – Affordable Automated Label Application

Now you know that automated label application improves operational efficiency, but who can you outsource your requirement for automated labeling to? 

At Beast Branding, we specialize in employing automated techniques and state-of-the-art equipment for label application. Beast Branding implements automated labeling systems that ensure precise and consistent label placement, thus improving efficiency. We use high-quality materials to maintain the brand's integrity and visual appeal. We provide the fastest turnaround time and shipping. 

Beast Branding is a wholesale supplier of packaging solutions. We offer the best prices on blank roll labels & custom print labels. You can create a distinct custom design for each offering of your brand. 

 We provide label application services for these packaging options.

 1)   Glass jars

Beast Branding offers premium quality glass jars in various sizes, from 1oz to 4oz, 5oz to 10oz, and 11 oz + jars.

Our glass jar collection is ideal for safely displaying and storing your products. Glass jars can effectively store candles, coffee, tea, and food items like beef jerky, dried fruits, snacks, and candy. 

Why is labeling glass jars important?

Labeled glass jars provide usage and product information to the customers. It also gives a professional and visual identity to your offerings and brand. 

If you need custom labels, Beast Branding provides personalized labels that match your interests. We can provide labels for the lid or the jar's body, depending on your preference. We assist you in selecting the best label size for your selected glass jars.  

Recommended label sizes for glass jars

The  recommended label size is 4 x 6 inches

The recommended label size is 2 x 6.5 inches

The recommended label size is 3 x 4 inches

The recommended label size is 4 x 6  inches

The recommended label size is 4 x 6 inches

The recommended label size is 1 x 3 inches

The recommended label size is 2 x 4 inches

The recommended label size is 1 x 3 inches

2)   Mylar Bags

Beast Branding provides various sizes and styles of mylar bags; some have a matte finish look, and others have a glossy finish. We provide mylar bags ranging from fully opaque to vista mylar bags that are clear on one side.   

Beast branding food-grade mylar bags keep food items edible & fresh for a long time. These are suitable for storing Chips, Jerky, Nuts and Seeds, Brown Rice, Granola, Spices, Whole Wheat Flour, Pearl Barley, Herbs, Veggies, and Dried Fruits. They can be used to store art supplies or cosmetic products, too. 

Why is it important to label mylar bags properly?

Properly labeled mylar bags help visitors and customers know your packaging contents,  product usage details,  instructions, and expiration dates to make informed decisions.

Beast Branding also offers custom labels for mylar bags. We provide mylar bags labeled with personalized stickers with special patterns to support your branding initiatives.

These customized mylar bags or labels will enhance the packaging of your product and attract customers. In the long run, this will help your customers to trust your brand. You can customize your labels by adding your logo, product details, USP, and brand story.

Recommended label sizes for mylar bags

The recommended label size is 4 x 6 inches

The recommended label size is 2 x 2 inches

The recommended label size is 3 x 4 inches

The recommended label size is 4 x 3 inches

The recommended label size is 3 x 3 inches 

3) Low Profile Jars

Beast Branding has a varied collection of low-profile jars. We have fully opaque and clear body jars in circular and square shapes. These jars are available in 5 mL, 7 mL, and 9 mL capacities. You can choose white lids or black lids for these jars.

Beast Branding can give a premium look to your product by using custom labels on these jars. You can add 1 gram of product in 5 mL and 7 mL jars and 2 grams in a 9 mL jar.

These low-profile jars are perfect for storing powders, high-density products like serums and lip balms, and delicate products like small craft and art supplies.

Why is it important to label low-profile jars?

Customers feel confident about products with decent packaging and proper labeling, as they can get all the information about the product and brand details with one look. Your brand logo or a small design is enough to catch the customers' attention. Whether you wish to label the jar lid or body, we provide the perfect labels for the same. 

Recommended label sizes for low-profile jars

The recommended label size for its lid is 1.25 x 1.25 inches

The recommended label size for its lid is 1.25 x 1.25 inches.

The recommended label size for its lid is a 1.125-inch circle.

4 Paper and plastic Bags

Beast Branding offers paper bags of varying capacities, such as 1 Lb, 2 Lb, 3 Lb, 4 Lb, 5 Lb, 6 Lb, 8 Lb, and 10 Lb in white and brown colors. Our bags feature a rectangular base and are easy to pack. These are made of thick, recycled material, ensuring reliable protection of the contents.

Beast branding paper bags are eco-friendly and ideal for packaging groceries. They can hold food items like vegetables, grains, fruits, sandwiches, fries, and burgers. These bags are best for fast-food restaurants and takeout stores. They are also preferred in retail stores for their durability, ease of use, and eco-friendliness. 

Paper bags are good for medical stores, stationery shops, toy shops or food stalls, electronic items, toys, arts & crafts supplies, and decoration items.

Beast Branding offers a variety of custom print labels to add to your branding efforts. We will print your customized labels and get them delivered to your address. We also provide white gloss blank labels and offer application services.

Why do paper bags need to be labeled properly?

Labels play a significant role in branding and marketing. Properly labeling paper and plastic bags is important as it provides consumers with product content, usage instructions, safety warnings, and recycling guidelines. 

5) Tubes

Beast Branding carries a diverse collection of top-quality airtight tubes that can store the contents safely. It comes in various sizes: 90mm tubes, 116 mm tubes, and 120 mm. 

Our collection of tubes is perfect for use in the gardening business. Varieties of seeds can be stored in these different tubes to keep them safe, dry, and organized for efficient planting. The tubes are also ideal as portable spice containers and are perfect storage solutions for herbs, spices, and seasonings. It can store fishing supplies like hooks, flies, and other tackle items.

Why is it important to label tubes?

Proper labeling of tubes is essential for displaying information like product ingredients, expiration dates, usage instructions, and safety warnings so that consumers can make informed choices and use products safely. Proper labeling helps fulfill regulatory compliance and ensures that products follow the industry standards. 

Beast Branding offers custom labels to customize these tubes and level up your branding efforts. We also offer application services for your tubes and printed labels so that you can get efficiently labeled tubes as quickly as possible. 

6) Plastic vials

Beast Branding offers a range of plastic vials that function as handy containers and go-to packaging choices for all kinds of businesses. Our plastic vials can efficiently secure products and store them for a long. They protect the integrity and freshness by blocking outside elements. 

Our plastic vials are perfect for use in the medical industry. Tablets, capsules, and powders can be easily stored in these vials. They are also great choices for veterinary medicines. Vials can also store food items or ingredients that need to be stored in small quantities. 

Why is it important to label plastic vials?

Labeling plastic vials helps convey information on dosage instructions, warnings, and potential hazards. It also helps you follow compliance and boosts your branding efforts. It effectively communicates to consumers and promotes your products while maintaining safety and credibility.

The recommended label size is 2 x 4 inches.


The recommended label size is  4 x 6 inches.

The recommended label size is  4 x 2 inches.

Why is Beast Branding the best choice for applying labels to your packaging? 

  • Top Quality
  • The quality of the label is an important part of product packaging. Beast Branding applies labels using advanced equipment to provide the best look to your packaging. Our automated process ensures your labels are stuck precisely and last long. We accept application-only orders for labeling your packaging. 

    2) Diverse Experience

    Beast Branding has experience working with diverse brands from different industries, including healthcare, cosmetics, beverages, restaurants, and personal care. Our diverse experience and expertise give us an edge over others offering similar services. 

    3) Affordable Services

    Beast Branding is committed to providing the highest-quality and fastest-label application services at a reasonable, affordable price. We make sure that you receive the best value for your investment. Beast branding provides solutions to all business sizes, startups, or multi-national brands.

    4) Fast Turnaround and Shipping

    Beast Branding stands out in offering a fast turnaround for its labeling solutions. We offer quick delivery and response times so customers can promptly receive their labeled packages at the required address. Beast Branding provides lightning-fast delivery across the United States. We employ automated equipment for a speedy turnaround time, and our shipping network ensures you get your neatly labeled packages as soon as possible. 

    Beast Branding Labels

    Beast Branding offers different types of labels in bulk quantities. 

  • Custom print Labels
  • We provide packaging solutions. We also provide customized labels if you want custom-made labels for your product. If you have both, we can apply the label for you. 

    Beast Branding lets you decide your custom labels' shape, size, and quantity and ensures your label design looks vibrant, clear, and stunning on any packaging. We offer stickers printed on high-quality, premium BOPP material that adds to the professional look and attractiveness of your packaging. 

  • Blank roll Labels
  • Beast Branding offers blank roll labels that you can use for printing. We manufacture them, and our stock of blank label rolls comes in many shapes: circle, square, and rectangle. The sizes range from 1 x 1 inch to 6 x 4 inches.

    These blank rolls are a smart utility for businesses to create custom labels quickly. It offers cost-effective labeling solutions along with the possibility of customizing. 

    Ending Note

    Selecting the right partner for your labeling requirements can help you achieve your goals faster. Beast Branding is a great choice for your labeling needs. We offer end-to-end label solutions. Right from products like custom labels, blank labels, and packaging options to services like application of labels – all at affordable rates! 

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