Custom Mylar Bags & Labels for Snacks

Custom labels for snack bags have been the #1 reason why people purchase your snack over the competitors. One of the most unique aspects of ready to eat snacks is their freshness, crispiness and taste. But with the wrong packaging, your snacks can lose their unique flavor and become useless within no time.

However, when you choose the correct mylar bag for packaging your snacks, you can rest assured that they will remain intact and fresh for a long duration.

Mylar bags are lightweight and durable. They provide an airtight seal and protect the contents from exterior elements such as light, moisture, dirt and oxygen that can degrade the quality of your snacks.

Choose from a variety of sizes and styles of mylar bags at Beast Branding. So, whether you are selling small portions of nuts and dried fruits or big bags of chips, and pretzels – you can find a suitable mylar bag for your requirement. You can even heat seal the mylar bags to add an extra layer of protection.

Add more style and uniqueness to your packaging with our custom labels. You can give us your own design, choose the shape, size and quantity of labels you need, and we print them using our advanced printing technology on high quality BOPP material.

With Beast Branding’s top-quality packaging and hard-to-miss custom labels, your snacks will go off store shelves within no time. Get a quote for your requirement today!