Custom Mylar Bags & Labels for Smell Proof Needs

Smell and freshness leak from traditional bags. Using a good quality 4mil Mylar bag allows your product to be smell proof while keeping freshness in.

Typically Mylar bags are 100% opaque, so to help identify whats inside, you need a custom label for any opaque smell proof bag.

The primary function of a good-quality packaging is to preserve the freshness of its contents. And when the product is composed of food, candies, spices, meat, or dry herbs, you must choose a packaging which is smell-proof too. Traditional bags are not the optimal choice for such products and can ruin the product’s shelf life as well as the customer’s experience.

A good quality, opaque, 4 mil mylar bag is perfect for preserving the freshness and life of your products. Since our mylar bags are smell-proof, they are perfect for customers who prefer discreet shopping. You can use a custom label on these opaque mylar bags so that you and your customers can identify the contents without opening it each time. Not only do custom labels add personality to your packaging, but also build brand awareness. 

With Beast Branding you can get mylar bags & custom labels at reasonable prices within no time. Get a Quote today!