Custom Mylar Bags & Labels for Powders

Mylar bags are ideal for storing your powder in a dry safe waterproof place! Packaging and storing powder can be tricky. Even slight contact with moisture or dirt can cause the powder to stale very quickly. Punctured or torn packaging can cause leakage of powder and lead to wastage.

Every powdered substance like baking soda, protein powder, body powder or even flour needs to be packaged appropriately. Mylar bags are ideal for storing different kinds of powder as they are puncture and tear resistant, and provide an efficient barrier from moisture, dirt and air.

Plain powder bags can seem unauthentic and shabby to a potential customer. Take it a step ahead by labeling your mylar bags with customized labels to enhance your brand identity. Products with labels on them look neat and trustworthy.

Mylar bags are a cost-effective option for packaging and storing your powder, while custom labels are a great way to boost branding efforts. Get both for your products only at Beast Branding. Get a quote today!