Custom Mylar Bags & Labels for Freeze Dried Fruit

Consumer behavior is shifting towards healthier snack options, and dried fruit is becoming increasingly popular. As demand grows, so does the competition and the need for dry fruit labels.

Stand out from the crowd with custom labels for your fruit bags!

Our custom labels for your fruit bags are a great addition to the dry fruit brand. Using Mylar bags ensures that your dried fruits look great on the shelf but also keeps them fresh, preventing them from drying out. We offer a wide variety of stickers.

As healthier snack options are gaining popularity, consumers are increasingly seeking different types of healthy food items. This shift towards consumer demand of healthy snacks has also given a rise to the demand of dry fruits. 

You can opt for mylar bags and custom labels to cater to this increasing demand and beat the competition at the same time. Package your dried fruits in our mylar bags without a worry. Mylar bags can prevent the contents from drying out and preserve their freshness for a long duration. 

Just share your artwork. Choose the shape, size and quantity of labels you want, and we print high-quality labels for you with our advanced printing technology. Our labels will ensure that your dried fruit bags stand out on the store shelves and catch the customer’s attention instantly! 

Choose from the extensive selection of mylar bags that we have and customize your labels with us at Beast Branding. Get a quote today!