Custom Mylar Bags & Labels for Cheese

Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers are ideal to store cheese. Cheese must be stored at certain levels of humidity & light. 

There are so many cheeses on the market, allow your brand to stand up from the rest. Use a custom label to own the shelf!

Cheese is a food item that needs to be stored in specific humidity levels to retain its unique character and taste. The humidity requirement may also vary according to the type of cheese.

If you are struggling with the packaging of such food items, don’t fret. Say cheese to the best and most reliable packaging option - mylar bags! Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers work brilliantly when it comes to storing cheese. They maintain the perfect conditions to preserve your cheese and keep it edible & fresh for a long time. 

And when you use custom labels from Beast Branding on those mylar bags you can boost your branding efforts multiple times. Consider adding your logo, type of cheese, your unique offerings, and brand story on the label.

At Beast Branding, we aim to enhance your product’s overall look and shelf-life with top-tier packaging and unique custom labels. 

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