Why are clear BOPP labels so popular? Let's find out.

Many times, product labels may do something that isn't quite required. What,  you ask? Well, they may partially block the visibility of your product to potential customers and create disinterest in their minds. That's one good reason why labels should always be placed strategically on the product. 

However, with clear BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) labels, you don't have to worry as they don't block the visibility or the allure of your product (even partially) and allow it to speak for itself. BOPP labels are available in both clear and opaque varieties. This blog will talk about clear BOPP labels, their usage, features, and where you can buy them from. 

Applications of Clear BOPP labels

BOPP labels, whether opaque or transparent, are both great, but clear BOPP labels have a huge demand in certain product segments. Here are some popular applications of the Clear BOPP labels.

  1. Candles

Imagine a scented candle with a big opaque label on its transparent container. A complete no, right? Perfect for candles, the clear BOPP allows the flickering flame of the candle to shine through, creating a warm and cozy ambiance around it. 

  1. Spirits

Enhance the sophistication of your premium quality spirit bottles by using clear BOPP labels. Not only does it reflect the soothing color of the spirit inside, but it also elevates the overall appearance of the product!  

  1. Food and Beverages

When shopping for food and beverages, customers like to look for what's inside without opening the package, and clear BOPP allows them to do so. Level up your branding with clear BOPP labels that not only present your brand beautifully but also showcase the contents of the bottle or container without restricting visibility. 

  1. Scents

We know that scents are the true embodiment of class and quality coming together. Label these aesthetic bottles with clear BOPP to enhance their look and give your scent bottles a look that sets them apart and leaves a lasting impression.  

  1. Cosmetics

Enhance the allure of your beauty products and cosmetics by giving them the packaging that highlights their efficacy. Along with premium quality containers and bottles, use clear BOPP labels to showcase the vibrant color and charm of your products to the customer's eyes. 

Features of Clear BOPP

Clear BOPP is a popular material with numerous applications, and for a good reason. It has several features that make it the preferred choice for labels. Let's look at a few features of Clear BOPP. 

  • Resistant to Water and Oil
  • Clear BOPP labels are perfect for products that might often come in contact with water and oil or are kept in the bathroom. Some of these products are cosmetics, essential oils, shampoos, body washes, soap dispensers, and conditioners.

  • Instills Trust
  • Clear packaging is known to instill trust, which is very crucial, especially in the food, beverage, and wellness market. They can be used on a variety of juice and milkshake, or syrup bottles.

  • Easy visibility
  • When you use transparent labels, the product's contents become clearly visible to the consumers, which helps them understand the contents better.

  • Durability
  • Paper labels are no match for BOPP labels because neither are they water-resistant nor are they durable and certainly, they don't last long. Apart from being resistant to oil and water, clear BOPP labels are also tear, scratch, and weather-resistant. BOPP is one of the most durable materials which is made of plastic and yet is flexible. BOPP is resistant to UV light and can remain well stuck, with the design appearing vivid even in harsh sun.

    1. Versatility 

    BOPP labels, in general, can stick really well to most containers whether it's mason jars, spice jars, candle jars, or cosmetic jars. They may even outlast the contents of the container! 

    1. Improves Brand Visibility

    Clear labels allow your product to shine through the packaging while still promoting your brand through customization. Beer bottles, liquor, and water bottles use transparent labels to elevate their brand visibility. 

    1. Easily printable

    The BOPP material has a top coating to help the image and ink anchor perfectly onto the surface of the film. Apart from being durable, BOPP is ideal for printing labels as the material is easy to print on. It is compatible with a variety of inks and can display the printed design flawlessly. 

    Why Choose Beast Branding for your Custom Label Requirements?

    1. Ease of Use

    Most custom-printed labels are difficult to use, might peel off easily, and can be messy to apply manually. They downgrade the appearance of your product, and it may go unnoticed on crowded store shelves.

    But when you choose Beast Branding, you automatically experience an ease of use in every product or service you choose from us. Beast Branding not only provides top-quality labels that are easy to use but also offers application services.

    1. Fast Shipping

    Currently, we are providing free shipping on all labels. Not only is the shipping on all labels free, but also super-fast and reaches you at your doorstep within days! 

    1. Unlimited Customization Options

    Beast Branding offers both - opaque labels as well as clear label rolls. Besides the graphic or artwork to be printed on the labels, we give you the flexibility to choose the size, shape, and quantity of labels you need. 

      • Shape – We offer labels in different shapes like square, oval, circle, rectangle, and even die-cut roll labels.
      • QuantityBeast Branding offers several bulk buying options ranging from just 250 pieces to 10,000 pieces to 1,00,000 pieces! 
  • Size – You can order different sizes of square labels like 2 x 2 inches, 3 x 3 inches, or rectangle labels like 4 x 2 inches, 4 x 3 inches, or circle labels measuring 2 inches, 3 inches,4 inches in radius, or oval labels measuring 4 x 3 inches, 4 x 2 inches. You can always select a custom size for every shape or die-cut label. 
    • Material Beast Branding offers the flexibility to choose the material of labels you like. It could be Clear BOPP, Rainbow Holo BOPP, Gloss Wh BOPP (Pet Liner/Paper Liner), Gloss Paper, or Chrome BOPP, to name a few.
    1. Premium Quality Printing

    We use advanced printing techniques to process your order. No matter how big or small your order is, we ensure top-notch quality and a fast turnaround time. When it comes to clear labels, we offer a glossy finish on the transparent labels to give them a premium look. 

    1. Affordable Prices

    All our offerings on Beast Branding, whether it is custom labels, custom banners, or packaging supplies, are available at competitive and affordable prices. We offer bulk quantities and wholesale rates, saving you costs on purchases and increasing your profit margin. 

    1. Top Quality Printing Material

    Beast Branding uses BOPP labels, which means the labels are durable, long-lasting, and scratch-resistant. BOPP ensures complete transparency of the label, so much so that it looks like the bottle or container is printed. 

    BOPP has great compatibility with a number of different inks and is used in food packaging, too. It is water-resistant and has excellent adhesive quality. 

    1. Customer Service

    Beast Branding offers impeccable customer service to all customers. We assist you at every step of your order. Beast Branding is present on all social media platforms. You can also reach us via our customer care number, our contact form, or email, and we will respond to you promptly. You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay updated with what we have to offer for you. 

    Ending Note

    Clear BOPP labels are very popular in several industries and are here to stay. They exude class, and enhance the branding of your product at the same time. Clear labels are ideal for a minimalistic packaging design.

    If you still haven't invested in clear BOPP labels, you definitely should! Try out custom BOPP labels from Beast Branding – your printing partner for all needs

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