Is Your Packaging Label Readable? Read This Guide To Find Out

Your product is finally ready. You have also chosen packaging that makes your product stand out. The logo, packaging, design, and color scheme all look great, but the text on the packaging labels is illegible to the customers. How can you make it better? Did you check the font size on the labels? 

Let's discuss.

What is font size?

Font size, or text size, is a number that measures the size of the characters on a screen or a printed page. Usually, a font size is measured in pt (points). Pica (pc) is another commonly used unit to measure font size. Fonts are used on text to determine their visual appearance.

Font size for packaging labels

Selecting the correct font size for your labels is important. The labels that give information about the product need to have a larger font size to be read easily. But, yes, it must also fit into the label's space without spoiling the design. 

Recommended font size for labels

An easily legible font size for printed labels would be a minimum size of 6 pt, like 0.6 mm+. Anything lower than 6 pt will become extremely difficult to read without zooming in, which is impossible physically! Unless the customer uses a magnifying glass. 

Recommended QR Code size for labels

Using a QR code smaller than ½ x ½ inch will also look unclear and might not get detected by the scanner. To ensure that the QR code functions properly, use a code that spans ½ x ½ inch at the minimum.

For your labels to be easily readable, it is advised to keep the font size to a minimum of 6 pt and a QR code of ½ x ½ inch or larger.

Why is font size important?

Proper font size is important for marketing, branding, and consumer communication. Let's discuss.

1)  Effective communication

The correct font size improves the packaging's visual impact. It also conveys the warnings, ingredients, instructions to use, health hazards, age restrictions, etc. to the consumer. Hence, it consists of vital information and should be clearly stated and visible.

2)  Customer Satisfaction

Customers are more likely to trust products whose product labels they can read easily. It leaves a long-lasting mark on consumers. Hence, the labels should be legible easily.

3)  Affects company brand

It is the font size that catches the attention of consumers first. Consumers get product information and brand details from labels added to packages. The text on labels must use the proper tone to sell the product.

Under font variations, there are plenty of options. Companies usually prefer to keep a consistent font size across all their documents, designs, and marketing material for branding purposes. For instance, in the case of a high-end product, one cannot use a funny, bold font size.

Some of the most used font types are:

  • Georgia
  • Opens Sans
  • Serif

The first impression is very important in the case of any product's packaging. The minimum font size you choose for your packaging labels can significantly impact how customers view your product and brand. 

So, next time you consider printing labels for your packaging, ensure the text is of a minimum 6 pt font size, and the QR code is of a minimum ½ x ½ inch for the best results. 

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