Investing in a Label Applicator for your Business: An Overview

Whether a business owner or a production manager, understanding what a label applicator is and how to choose the right one can significantly streamline the labeling process. 

So, what's a label applicator & how does it impact the labeling process? Let's have a look. 

What is a label applicator?

A label applicator is a machine that applies labels on products and packaging. The label applicator detects the product using a sensor and dispenses the label from a roll of preprinted labels or prints it on demand. The label is then applied to the product using various methods, such as a tamp pad, pneumatic or electric cylinder, or a blow applicator.

Features of Label Applicators 

Label applicators streamline the labeling process, saving time and cost of labor while improving productivity and product presentation. Their versatile features are essential for businesses looking to optimize their packaging operations. 

Here are some key features of label applicators.

  • High-speed operation

  • Label applicators are capable of rapid label application, enabling efficient production and reducing bottlenecks in the packaging process.

  • Automated functionality
  • Many label applicators feature automated mechanisms, including label detection sensors, dispensing systems, and integrated conveyor systems, reducing the need for manual intervention. It will improve efficiency.

  • Easy integration
  • Label applicators seamlessly integrate into existing production lines or packaging systems, fostering a harmonious workflow. This integration optimizes productivity, minimizing downtime during the installation process.

  • Label tracking and tracing
  • Some applicators include advanced label tracking and tracing features, ensuring accurate inventory management and product identification.

  • Precision and accuracy 
  • These applicators ensure precise label placement, minimize errors, and ensure consistent labeling quality.

    Types of Label Applicators 

    There are various types of label applicators, each of which vary in their work and process. Some of the most common types of label applicators are listed below. 

  • Automated label applicators

  • These label applicators automate the entire labeling process and don't require any input from the operator. These applications are directly integrated into the production lines. Automatic label applicators are designed for high-volume production environments or large enterprises where speed and accuracy are critical. They're integrated into production lines and rapidly label products on conveyors. They use advanced sensors and controls to detect and precisely apply the product's position before applying labels. They can be configured to handle various label sizes and shapes. These require more space and financial investment but are essential for businesses with a high production volume.

  • Semi-automatic label applicators

  • These label applicators require input from the operator, who is responsible for keeping the product stable for the applicator to work on. Moreover, the operator must use the sensor or foot pedal within the machine to apply the label. They are suitable for small or medium-sized production runs. Semi-automatic label applicators are perfect for businesses with moderate labeling needs or small to medium-sized enterprises. They produce higher volumes and offer increased efficiency. These typically have a sensor that detects the product's or package's presence. After the user loads labels onto a roll, the applicator automatically dispenses and applies the labels to the products.

  • Manual label applicators

  • These label applicators require the operator to apply the label manually. Manual label applicators are ideal for small businesses and low-volume labeling needs. They are mostly used for applying labels to individual products or packages and are operated by a user. These typically consist of a handle, a label dispenser, and a roller. The user peels the label from the backing paper and applies it to the product, container, or packaging by rolling the applicator over the surface. Manual label applicators are ideal for small businesses and low-volume labeling needs. They are commonly used for applying labels to individual products or packages and are operated by a user. These typically consist of a handle, a label dispenser, and a roller. The user peels the label from the backing paper and applies it to the product, container, or packaging by rolling the applicator over the surface.

    While these are the least expensive type of applicator, the process can be time-consuming and result in inconsistent label placement if not careful. But even still, manual label applicators could greatly help young businesses.

    Industries that use Label applicators

    Label applicators have tremendous applications and can be useful across all businesses and industries, but some common ones include:

    1. Pharmaceuticals: The pharmaceutical industry uses label applicators to label medicine bottles, vials, and blister packs. Precision and tamper-evident labeling are critical in this industry. 

    1. Cosmetics and Personal Care: Labels are vital in marketing cosmetics and personal care products. Label applicators ensure that labels are applied neatly and centered on the packaging.

    1. Food and Beverage: Label applicators are commonly used to label bottles and cans and to package food and beverage products. Accurate labeling is necessary to comply with regulatory requirements and enable brand consistency.

    1. Manufacturing: In manufacturing, label applicators can be used for quality control, tracking, and inventory management.

    Should you buy a label applicator?

    Label applicators play a crucial role in streamlining the packaging process for various industries. While they are designed to enhance efficiency, there's a crucial aspect that many businesses tend to overlook – the potential for increased costs. In the next section, we'll delve into why getting labels from a label applicator can be more expensive than one thinks.

    1. Initial Investment

    Purchasing label applicators requires an initial investment, which can financially burden smaller enterprises. Considering this cost when evaluating the overall expenses related to label applicators can make a huge difference.

    1. Maintenance and Repairs

    Like any machinery, label applicators require regular maintenance to ensure they give the best performance. Maintenance costs, including replacement parts and labor, can increase over time. Any unexpected breakdowns may also lead to costly repairs, causing production delays and impacting the bottom line.

    1. Training Expenses

    Implementing a label applicator system requires training for employees to operate it or work around it. Training programs have many costs, including materials, trainers' fees, and employees' time to learn the new system. These expenses should be factored into the overall cost of adopting label applicators.

    Why choose Beast Branding for label application?

    Choose Beast Branding for your custom labels, packaging, and label application service. Here are a few reasons why you must outsource label application to Beast Branding compared to investing in a label applicator. 

  • Advanced Equipment
  • Beast Branding applies labels using advanced equipment and a high-quality precision process. You can purchase custom or blank labels from us or give us yours, and we’ll apply them to your product. 

    We ensure your labeling is done neatly, precisely, and lasts long. Beast Branding focuses on the details to maintain your product's integrity and visual appeal. 

  • Affordable Label Application
  • You don't have to worry about investment, maintenance, training, and repairs when outsourcing label applications to Beast Branding. We offer label application at just $0.10 per label.

  • Diverse Industries
  • Beast Branding has offered custom labels, packaging, and application services across industries. Currently, Beast Branding provides services to popular brands in various sectors, such as healthcare, cosmetics, beverages, restaurants, and personal care industries. 

  • Expert Team
  • Beast Branding has an in-house professional team that assists you with custom labels. Beast Branding is committed to providing the highest-quality custom labels and stickers at a reasonable, affordable price. We make sure that you receive the best value for your investment. 

  • Fast Shipping 
  • Beast Branding provides speedy deliveries and promptly addresses your concerns and queries to help you stay ahead in the competitive market. We offer free shipping on all labels. Beast Branding offers a fast turnaround for its high-quality labeling solutions. 

    We understand that every company is different; hence, we offer blank and customized labels and banners highlighting your brand objectives.

    Beast Branding offers labeling solutions to all businesses, startups, or established brands and accepts orders for small and bulk quantities.  

    Ending Note

    While label applicators offer undeniable benefits in efficiency and productivity, businesses must be aware of the hidden costs associated with their implementation. From the initial investment to ongoing expenses, understanding the complete financial picture is essential for making informed decisions about embedding label applicators in your production processes.

    Beast Branding provides custom labels, banners, and packaging solutions for various products for different industries. We ensure utmost care and attention to every detail when applying product labels. 

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