Here are five Signage options for your Startup Business

New businesses need to attract customers' attention and showcase what they can do for them to stay in their minds for a longer period. So, to get a quick headstart, a startup must work on its business signage and marketing tactics. 


Understanding signage

Signage is a visual display tool to convey information to potential customers. It is one of the least expensive and most effective forms of advertising for a startup or small business. Well-designed signage can attract the attention of your target customers and help increase conversions. 


Importance of business signage

Creating the right signage is crucial in building brand loyalty, attracting potential customers, and setting the business apart from competitors. If used correctly, businesses can also drive sales using promotional signage. 


You must ensure that the company's logo, products, and offerings are well-depicted on the signage. The potential audience must understand the graphical presentation of the business signage. 


Let's discuss why signage is so important for businesses.


  • Well-designed signage with the brand logo, colors, and message helps establish brand identity and enables brand recognition.
  • Signage with an eye-catching design can attract attention and traffic, whether online or offline.
  • Bright colors, graphics, and a catchy, powerful message can capture customers' attention and encourage them to take action. 
  • Important information, like the business name and unique selling proposition, can be conveyed to the customers through signage.
  • Businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors using signage. 
  • Signage with creative personalized design can showcase the brand's personality and values, making it distinctive for customer engagement.  
  • Signage is a good idea for long-term promotion because it is cost-effective and continues to work for the business without incurring further costs once implemented.
  • A well-executed sign shows that your brand is committed to delivering quality products and makes the customers likelier to trust your brand as a credible business.


Various signage options available for startups

Signage styles vary from industry to industry and can be used for different purposes. It is important to select the right images, color scheme, size, and font so that the signage can effectively represent the business's core values. 

Choosing the right type of signage is essential as it is the first interaction of your brand with potential customers. 


Let's discuss the different types of signage. 


  1. Digital Signs

Digital signage is used to display multimedia content or videos, also known as electronic signage. Display technologies like LED walls, projection, and LCD monitors are some forms of digital signage and can display webpages, videos, directions, restaurant menus, marketing messages, or digital images. Using digital signage as a marketing strategy lets customers have interactive experiences with your brand. Academic institutions, retail stores, corporate spaces, and restaurants use digital signage frequently. 


Here are some digital signage options for startup businesses.

  • Digital Menu Boards: This promotional signboard can be used indoors or outdoors and is a good option for restaurants and food businesses. Hospitality establishments such as takeaway stores, cafes, restaurants, and bars use them frequently. Such businesses can inform customers about their special offers, best-selling items, prices, and other updates using menu boards. 


  • Digital Posters: Static-printed boards help businesses showcase their products, services, or brand stories engagingly. Businesses can boost their sales considerably by implementing digital posters. 
  • Social Media Walls: This large wall is used as a backdrop for events, usually depicting the brand's logo, slogans, and sponsors. This digital wall gathers posts from Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites and displays them on one wall. 


  1. Outdoor signage

Outdoor signage is a powerful marketing tool with diverse uses, from showcasing product offerings to promoting an upcoming event. Outdoor signage consists of pop-up banner stands and billboards and acts as an interface between businesses and customers. When placed in high-traffic areas, the signage helps your brand get more visibility and engagement from potential customers. It conveys your brand's message effectively, making it a great option to attract potential customers and drive foot traffic.

  1. Billboards are the best choice for outdoor advertising as a large-format display board is easily visible to passing traffic, mainly in busy areas.
  2. Building wraps cover building facades with branded graphics or promotional messages, offering effective advertising even in high-traffic areas or during events.
  3. Banners are a more economical and easy-to-manage way of creating outdoor signage. Retractable and custom banners are a great way to draw the attention of potential customers. They are generally used at special events, trade shows, and exhibitions.
  4. LED displays are used to showcase moving images, animations, and video content. Their dynamic nature makes them perfect for capturing customers' attention in crowded places. 


  1. Informational signage

Informational signage generally provides directional, organizational, departmental, or navigational guidance. Usually, they assist customers in navigation or offer instructions or knowledge about a certain product. These signs direct the customer to take action by stating multiple steps instead of just a single promotional message. 


The main aim of using informational signage is to help customers make decisions. Putting up informational signage clarifies that the store is orderly and organized. Not only does this systematically benefit the customers, but it also makes the internal structure more organized. All informational signage must be concise and easy to read so visitors can understand the message with a split-second glance.

Businesses use different kinds of informational signage, including acrylic, tabletop, window-mounted, and shelving signage, to share product information. Retailers with little shelving or counter space can use sign holders to guide shoppers through their stores. Examples of informational signage include reward systems, membership cards, and invitations to join a mailing list or social media.


  1. Storefront signage

Storefront signage is usually the first point of contact between the business and potential customers when they visit the store. It plays an important role in creating a positive first impression and attracting potential customers. Using storefront signage can boost brand visibility and increase sales by making the establishment more accessible and attractive.


Here are some popular options for storefront signage:

  • 3D channel letters displaying the business name and logo are attractive quirky, and can be spotted easily at night. 
  • Illuminated lightboxes are attractive and tend to grab attention quickly. Adding vibrant graphics makes it further customized for the brand.
  • Window Graphics: Vinyl window graphics allow you to display promotional messages, product offerings, or brand imagery on your storefront.
  • A-Frame Signs: Portable A-frame signs placed on the sidewalk or entrance can attract passing pedestrians with enticing offers or announcements.


  1. Indoor Signage

Once customers enter the business premises, indoor signage guides them through the space and helps them find what they want. Here are some indoor signage options for startup businesses:

  • Directional Signs: Clear and concise signs help customers navigate your premises effortlessly. These signs help in reducing confusion and improving the overall customer experience.
  • Menu Boards: If your startup is a restaurant or cafe, visually appealing menu boards showcasing your offerings and prices can stimulate appetite and drive sales.
  • Promotional Displays: Display stands or digital screens can help promote upcoming events, special offers, and new products. They attract customers' attention when placed at strategic locations. 


Building a name for your brand and winning customers' trust can be complex for startups and growing businesses. They should be able to catch the attention of potential customers, stay in their minds, and convince them that their business is the best choice among other competing brands. 

Using the right signage is a way to spearhead your marketing efforts. Whether a banner or a billboard, focusing on every aspect of designing a sign is important. The design and content help make your signage stand out and be impactful. Investing in the right business signage is an incredibly important decision. Some factors that can influence the type of signage you should opt for are the budget you are willing to spend on the marketing and advertising efforts, where you intend to place it, and what kind of customers you are targeting. 

Working with a printing partner who can help you with the perfect signage will go a long way in promoting your brand effectively. They can help land long-lasting solutions that optimally advertise your business and go from strength to strength. Beast Branding can help you turn your vision into reality with its custom-printing service. We offer custom labels and retractable banners that can be used as signage at affordable prices. Check all our offerings today!

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