Everything about QR Codes and how to use them on labels

Whether running an online store, a cozy corner shop, or steering a big corporate ship, customer loyalty and lasting customer satisfaction are two strong pillars that give the business a competitive edge. 

In this mobile and internet era, rather than discussing the product in detail, why not let them scan a QR code on a label or sticker attached to the package for detailed information at their hand?

Businesses can interact with their customers using QR codes on labels and stickers. It gives the customers the necessary information, making them trust your business leading to long-term bonding. It will increase brand loyalty and achieve higher conversions. It is an effective way to share your presence online.

Understanding QR codes.

Before we jump to the practical part, let's take some time to understand all about QR codes, including how they work. The QR codes are machine-readable codes with an array of black and white squares. The data is encoded within the pattern of this square.

So, what appears when you scan a QR code?

The data gets retrieved quickly after a user scans the QR code using the scanner on their smartphone. Typically, QR codes direct users to a website URL or PDF content that provides detailed information on products, contacts, events, product videos, reviews, purchasing options, and other relevant details.

Retailers can add QR codes on their product labels that instantly turn their products into digital showrooms, simplifying the transfer of information and delighting customers. Showing your customer a video presentation about products is a better way to interact, leading to a better product experience through QR codes. 

Businesses can add video QR codes where customers are directed to a YouTube video or uploaded MP4 files. Businesses can even add a URL to the QR codes if the video file is uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox, or a similar platform. Shoppers can scan the code and instantly get access to information, making their purchasing decisions much easier. 

Having QR codes on labels and stickers effectively triggers excitement about the product or service. 

How QR code is different from barcodes

  • QR codes store more information than barcodes as QR codes happen across vertical and horizontal space through those typical small squares. 
  • QR code labels are readable from any angle, unlike barcodes, which need well-alignment for proper scanning.

Types of QR codes 

Static and Dynamic are two types of QR codes. Both of these QR codes work differently. 

  • In the static QR code, the information embedded is permanent. It is not editable, unlike the information embedded in dynamic QR, which is editable even after printing your QR codes.
  • The data is stored in the graphics of the static QR code itself. Data is kept in the QR code generator dashboard in case of a dynamic QR code. You can edit it anytime.
  • Static QR code scans are not trackable, whereas dynamic QR code scans are trackable.
  • Static QR code scans appear denser, while dynamic QR code scans are less dense.

Utilizing a Dynamic QR code can give you a lot of benefits. Users can add a password in the QR code and activate the email scan notification feature. This QR code allows it to be integrated into Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. The user can set up the expiration feature of the QR code, among many other features. 

Benefits of utilizing QR code in your business

Plenty of QR code solutions are available, and you can experiment with how to use them. Before adding it to your business, it is always better to have complete information about what data you can store in your QR code on stickers and labels.

Some of the best benefits of using QR codes are as follows:

  1. Easy access to information for your customers

QR codes are mostly used on product packaging to develop customers' interest. Customer gets instant access to information about the product or the business before buying. It helps consumers to make informed purchase decisions. For this, you can generate a QR code, be it a video or PDF one, that will direct customers instantly to a file when scanned using smartphone devices.

  1. Secure and Faster Payments

Adding QR Code labels at checkout counters for payments is a great solution for safer, faster, and more secure payments during purchase. This self-service helps consumers make quick payments while shopping on the go, thus helping them avoid waiting in long queues for payment.

  1. Brand Promotion

Brands can add QR Codes on labels and stickers to let online advertisements drive traffic to their website and promote their app. Website QR Code labels added on small-sized print media such as posters, flyers, and brochures help drive website traffic. Businesses use QR Codes on labels to increase their app downloads. Audio QR Codes on labels help to promote podcasts that provide information about the business and its products.

  1. Social Media Interaction

Businesses add a social media QR Code label on their products, promoting user-generated content online. It gets consumers to follow them online or post a review. You can incentivize it with a promo code or give a discount to consumers so that they take action. It helps to increase the brand's social media visibility.

  1. QR code on windows or displays

If you have a street-side shop or a mall store, it is an effective way to use customized labels or stickers on the windows, doors, and entry/exit areas. It helps in promoting what you want even when the shop is closed. Onlookers can still see the stickers or labels and scan the QR code to know your business's opening hours, ongoing sales, and more.  

  1. Get ratings through QR code stickers.

Businesses can add a feedback QR Code sticker to run market surveys in case of new product lines or incorporate customer feedback where customers can give their viewpoints. It will make customers feel heard, and it can be done by making them fill out a form that opens upon scanning. It can also be added to Facebook, Yelp, or a social media channel where consumers can voice their opinions. Businesses can add rewards or a surprise offer by buying this product will interest customers more to purchase the item. 

Incorporating QR Code labels and stickers.

From the above list of benefits, it is easy to identify that one of the best ways businesses can add QR Codes is by putting them on packaging labels and stickers. The QR code labels and stickers can help increase pre-purchase and post-purchase engagement. 

Here are a few things to know about using QR code labels and stickers.

  • The QR Code labels and stickers should be at least 2 cm x 2 cm in size to be readable. Having the right sticker size is important to ensure 100% success rates for scannability; otherwise, smartphone cameras and QR scanner apps will render them unreadable. 
  • Before uploading the QR code, ensure it is a PNG, JPEG, GIF, JPG, or PDF file and can have a maximum size of 5 MB. QR Code images in the PNG format are recommended as this will avoid issues with image resolution and are best suited for small-sized print media. 
  • Providing scanning instructions next to your QR code sticker is a good way to inform customers how QR codes work. The code should cater to both Android and iOS users. Some consumers have smartphones without built-in QR support, so providing information on scanning the QR code sticker without an app is important. 
  • It is important to create QR codes with error correction to be scannable even with a certain degree of damage. 
  • Add your brand's logo to your QR code labels and modify your QR code's color scheme to match your brand's color scheme. You can also add a call-to-action frame text to your QR code tag to nudge consumers towards scanning it. 
  • Next, design your label as per your requirements. Beast Branding offers stickers you can customize per your desired shape, size, and quantity while keeping it vibrant and clear. You must upload your artwork; we can print and integrate your QR code. 

Ending Note

Adding QR codes on labels and stickers can do miracles for your business and customers if you use them correctly. It can help to maximize customer engagement as well as interaction. Customized stickers or labels, each with a QR code and a logo in the middle, can create instant brand awareness.

Beast Branding offers a variety of packaging options and custom labels for products from multiple industries. Check out our entire collection today!

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