Custom Barcode Labels for Products: Why are they important?

What are Barcode Labels?

Business owners can use barcode labels to provide the high-level data demanded by the law. The barcode can consist of information such as batch number, supply-chain history, date of manufacture etc. The customers or authorities can track all details of a particular item by scanning the barcode label stuck on it. 

The 1D barcode label can be seen on different kinds of retail products. They consist of only a few lines of numerical data which can be read by a barcode scanner. These barcodes serve as a quick and easy way to pass on information through the supply chain spaces like warehouses and retail stores. The development of 2D barcodes has brought about a revolution of technology and information through supply chains and product spaces. The 2D barcodes and advanced QR (Quick Response) codes have become very popular over time. 

Governed by the G1 standards body, QR codes can hold up to 7089 numbers or 4269 alphanumeric characters. With this capability, one can include a lot of information in a single barcode. Extensive details such as website address can also be incorporated in it. Scanning a QR code is simple too. QR codes can be scanned using any basic smartphone. Scanning the code provides direct access to data (updated in real time) that is stored in the code. 


Advantages of using Custom Barcode Labels on medicinal Products 

  • Easy Compliance 

  • Traceability throughout the supply chain is one of the key aspects of the regulations laid out for the medicinal industry. Producers are often required to have a strict testing of their product, along with the ability to track the quality and standard of the plant right from seed to the final product. When they provide all this information in their barcode labels, the inspectors can gain access to the required information easily. 

    1. Transparency for the Customers

    Besides the regulators, even customers can benefit from the QR codes. QR codes can also be used to provide interactive and entertaining features to the consumers. 

    The best part of the QR codes is that a simple smartphone camera can be used to scan the 2D barcodes and gain access to data like lab testing results. Transparency of the independent lab data of medicinal products are crucial in some states. The legalization of medicinal Industry Journal also encourages medicinal providers to have a software of their own that can generate the 1D and 2D barcodes for them 

    Some data that cannot be conveyed via the barcode like weight, quantity and ingredients can be printed on custom medicinal labels and applied to the product packaging. 

    1. Usage on products

    All products also have a major usage of the QR code labels. Especially if the brand produces non-THC hemp extracts, it might be required to use scannable codes on them. These codes will include information like the product’s batch number, quantity of product, ingredient list, and lab analysis result among other crucial data. 

    Choose Beast Branding as your Label Partner

    Getting just the perfect custom labels or barcode labels for your product is no easy task. Labels gone wrong can cause a loss of time, efforts and money. Using incorrect or erroneous labels can be risky if they come into the eyes of compliance officers and result in a hefty fine. Plus, there shouldn’t be any compromise when it comes to labels as they are the first thing that your customer sees. 

    Besides, being durable, it is essential that your labels are clear, legible and scannable. An experienced label printer can help you achieve the perfect labels for your brand. You must choose a label partner that can provide the exact quantity of labels you need, in the quality, size and shape that you need on a schedule you need. 

    Beast Branding is your one-stop-shop for everything related to labels. Not only do we provide custom labels and barcode labels, we also provide various packaging options like pop top vials, mylar bags, tubes, glass jars, low-profile jars, or paper bags. We also provide services to apply the labels to your packaging.  

    We utilize advanced digital printing technology and manual supervision to give you the best quality labels with fast turnaround times. We accept flexible order sizes and provide durable, attractive and legible custom labels for any requirement you have. 

    Ending Note

    The new medicinal space is a heavily regulated industry and when you need custom labels for medicinal products, you need nothing but the best. Customized Barcode Labels for  products helps your business keep up with the technology and also provides crucial information to customers that enables your business to stay compliant. 

    Choose Beast Branding as your custom label provider, and forget woes related to your product’s packaging, custom labels and label application

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