Are you still paying the retail price for labels? Here are five reasons why you should not!

Customers often come to buy very specific products. Even after checking similar, better-priced products, they finally purchase the same item from a popular brand. Why is this so? One reason is, of course, the branding; the second is the packaging and labeling. Today's savvy customers know how to get the most for their money by comparing the same items from different brands through labels and packaging.

A label is one of the best ways to make your product stand out. You may have the perfect idea of manufacturing products or have everything set up for perfect packaging and marketing, but something still needs to be added. 


You may need a specific shape or size of label, you may need a bulk quantity of labels, or you may need a custom-designed label. Will you get these requirements fulfilled with local retailers? Secondly, will they be worth the money? Let's discuss, but first, let's understand why labels are crucial for your product packaging.  

Why are labels so important?

Let's discuss some reasons businesses should add labels to their products. 

  • The label provides identification that helps customers differentiate your product from similar items. Labels protect your customers from buying the wrong product; they will get an idea about the product from its labels. It helps raise brand awareness in the market.
  • The label provides descriptive information about the product and how to use it to help customers make informed decisions. This will increase customer loyalty.
  • Labels provide a design element on the packaging, encouraging new and potential buyers to check and purchase the product. 

Why do you need the 'perfect labels' for your product?

Labeling goes beyond just putting a name on a product, which means it is a way of communicating with your customer while building familiarity and trust. 

Using labels with the appropriate look, size, shape, and color is important too. It should suit your product and packaging so that your customers get the perfect idea of what they can expect. Labels can also make them feel good or bad about your brand. 

Many business owners are still buying their labels at retail prices. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't go retail when it comes to labels.

  1. Less Variety 

Retail has a limited variety of labels, so it is impossible to explore a wide selection of labels and pick the one that goes perfectly well with your brand. They may have only two or three size options of labels, a few options in shapes, and limited options in color. 

  1. Limited Quantities

The selection options these stores provide are also limited to standard quantities. The shelf space of any retail store is limited; hence, they can stock up a limited quantity of the most basic labels.

Small print orders usually require limited labels, but some retailers say you must buy the entire box. In contrast, large print orders may require more labels than the store has at the time. 

So, suppose you place an order for some additional labels. In that case, it can cause an interruption to your packaging and deliveries as you have to wait until the retailer can receive another shipment of labels and restock them for you.

  1. Time Consuming

Visiting a retail store and selecting labels from the available options is challenging and time-consuming. When running a business, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of and that are important. Choosing labels that do not meet your requirements will waste time.

  1. No Customization

Retail stores may not always have customization options available, which may force you to choose from the collection they have in hand. 

  1. Higher Prices

Retail prices are higher than buying labels in bulk or from a reliable wholesaler. 

Beast Branding for Labels 

Purchasing your labels from Beast Branding is a much better option than buying them from retail.

Here are the reasons why. 

  1. Beast Branding provides labels in custom shape, designs, and sizes. We can customize labels as per your requirements. Beast Branding offers quality labels for all purposes, such as personal items, gifts, promotional events, or business purposes. All our labels are available at a reasonable rate.

  1. Beast Branding values your brand and keeps your goals in mind. We ensure fast turnaround times and are one of the fastest print service providers in the country. We are always available to assist you and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.  

  1. Beast Branding accepts orders online and provides custom-designed labels, too. Just submit your artwork online through our website, and our team will coordinate with you.

  1. We provide free shipping on all labels. 

  1. Beast Branding has worked with several brands in different domains and has received many positive reviews for its top-notch quality labels. 

  1. Beast Branding also offers application services. We do everything, from offering blank labels to custom-printed labels and label applications. You can choose one service or outsource your entire labeling process to us. 

Here are our offerings:

  1. Custom print labels
  2. Stock blank roll labels

  • Custom Printed Labels
  • Custom labels help businesses establish a distinct brand identity. Customers can easily recognize and remember brands through these custom labels. It improves marketing efforts and creates a lasting impression in a competitive market.

    Beast branding makes creating customized labels much easier. With various shapes, sizes, and finishes available, you can match your specific labeling needs as per your choice, keeping labels clear, stunning, and having a great professional look at the same time. 

    You can select from different shapes like circle, square, rectangle, oval, or die-cut roll labels, offered by Beast Branding. All our labels are made from high-quality premium BOPP, and you can select from gloss, clear, and matte finishes to get the perfect labels.

    Add text, graphics, logos, artwork, and other essential branding elements to your labels with our customization option. We ensure your labels have a personalized touch that matches your brand identity. Our selection of labels is reasonably priced. We also accept bulk orders.

  • Stock Blank Roll Labels
  • Beast Branding offers a readymade stock of blank label rolls that can be used in any industry, including beauty, health, education, medicine, food, stationery, and décor. Our stock of blank label rolls comes in various shapes, like square, circle, and rectangle, and is available in sizes ranging from 1x1 inch to 6x4 inch. These labels are perfect for getting your logo, artwork, brand message, brand story, text, graphics, or barcodes printed. You can also use them for printing instructions, warnings, and usage details. Blank roll labels that Beast Branding offers are white gloss labels, which give a great, attractive look. The material makes the labels quite durable, non-toxic, and long-lasting. All these labels are available for wholesale options at reasonable rates. These labels work on several printers, including Epson C6500, Epson C6000, Afinia L901, and Afinia L801.

    Our other service and product offerings are:

  • Label Application Services
  • Beast Branding understands that label application is a messy and complex process, especially when applying labels to tons of packaging. We provide label application services as well. Beast Branding ensures proper hygiene and precision in label application processes. We use an automatic label applicator to give you that perfect result. 

  • Product Packaging
  • Beast Branding provides diverse packaging solutions for all kinds of products. We have a huge stock of display jars, low-profile jars, vials, paper & plastic bags, tubes, and mylar bags that you can choose from.

    We offer opaque and clear body jars for displaying and storing your products. The durable and eco-friendly paper bags offered by Beast Branding are great for packing daily groceries. Our pop-top vials have childproof seals and are ideal for storing tablets, capsules, and liquid medicines. For storing food & snack items, our food-grade mylar bags are handy packaging solutions. 

    All our packaging options come in various sizes and styles and can be easily labeled using custom stickers with unique designs that help boost your branding effort. All the packaging solutions can be reused at home for storing something or at the store for displaying products to your customers.

    Ending Note

    Business owners always try to ensure that their products have great packaging and legible, attractive, high-quality labels. Every business, whether a start-up or an established brand, attempts to follow the same.

    There are endless possibilities on what you can do to enhance your branding and how you can best label your product. Now that you know a better way to buy labels than retail, we're here to help get you started.

    Beast Branding provides custom labels for all varieties of products for different industries. We print your labels with utmost care and attention to detail. Don't forget to browse through our ready-to-label packaging collection today! 

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