Are Business Cards still relevant in 2023? 6 Reasons why they are.

In this modern era of digitalization and advanced technology where people carry heaps of information in their pockets, it is not invalid to question the role and importance of a traditional business card. Many might think it is of no use, as everything is digital today. 

However, the truth is that business cards hold tremendous value even as technology surrounds us. They are a handy marketing tool that serves as an extension of your brand and connects you to people within seconds. 

Here are 6 reasons why traditional business cards are relevant even in 2023. 

  • Easy means to share information
  • Lightweight, handy and easily legible, business cards work with everybody – youngsters, senior citizens and the middle-aged audience. Also, you can always keep a few business cards handy because you never know when you could meet a potential customer or a partner. 

    Sharing your business card is the simplest and easiest way to share information about you and your business. It works as a brief overview of who you are and what you do. It can often be seen as a friendly gesture and piques interest of the receiver. 

  • Gives a peek into your business
  • Your business cards can say a lot even with just one glance from someone. Whether you run a robust steel manufacturing plant or a fine-dine restaurant, whether you are a food photographer or a wedding planner, your business card can give people an instant insight into your business – provided you have the right design.

    Graphics and design play an important role in conveying more about your brand. The material of the card, the color combination, choice of fonts and each little detail of the design can signify something about your brand. For example, if you are an eco-friendly packaging brand, using tones of green in your visiting card gives an impression of your brand’s environmental friendliness. 

  • Helps initiate conversations
  • Just mentioning or talking about your business might not work as well as handing out your business card. A business card will not just help initiate a conversation with someone but also push it forward. Plus, if your card has a unique design or dynamic features it will give the other person more to ask about. Business cards can help form solid connections and raise chances of future collaboration. They work like a friendly invitation for further communication with people. 

  • Encourages further engagement
  • If your business card holds enough information, like your website address, store address, email address or phone number, people will feel encouraged to learn more about your business or interact with you. You can further boost this engagement by offering discounts, offers or incentives on their first order through your website or mobile application. Business cards a sure-shot way to boost engagement with your target audience. They are one of the most famous original marketing tools. 

  • Serves as a tangible reminder
  • Most people don’t remember names or businesses despite hearing about it. However, people can recollect the information when they have a visual reminder in front of them. Business cards serve as that tangible and visual reminder of you and your business. It is very likely that when they hold your card in the near future, they will put together your face, the conversation that happened with you and might even contact you again. 

    It is not possible for you to be present to remind the people you meet of your brand or its services, however, a visiting card does that for you effectively. These small pieces of paper are useful to encourage people to check out your website, your store or give a call when they need your product or services. 

  • Embeds a digital experience
  • With the rapid advancement of technology, it is no longer difficult to merge physical with digital. Your traditional business card can also be digitalized. Even your physical business card can direct people to your website or social handles via a QR code. This instantly drives them into your digital orbit and opens a whole new world to them. 

    They can follow you on social media, explore your products, services and even place an order or schedule an appointment with just a few clicks. Business cards can increase the possibilities of customer conversion, thus serving as an effective marketing tool. 

    Designing your Business Cards

    Many business owners don’t give enough importance to the design of their business cards. Their first instinct is to save cost or get the business card printed fast with minimal focus on the design. What they fail to realize is that business cards create the first impression of their business in people’s eyes. And just like your business, your business cards should also be one of a kind. If they look average or boring, chances are less that people will have a second look at it, retain the card or remember about your business.

    The importance of a good design cannot be underestimated. With the advancement of printing technology and plethora of options in graphic designing, you can choose from a variety of business card options that elevate your brand identity.  

    Not only can you use different types of material, you can use different shapes, textures, fonts and colors for your business card’s design. You can choose from glossy, matte or uncoated stock and utilize upgrades to enhance them. There are different shapes, sizes and textures that you can explore. Some brands also prefer eco-friendly papers for their cards. There are options like waterproof plastic cards or cards with painted edges to differentiate your business further.The variety is endless. 

    Ending Note

    Using the traditional physical business cards does not imply that you have to ignore the advances of technology. Technology can easily be embedded in your physical business card in the form of QR codes or NFC chips that construct a bridge into the digital world.

    Business cards are the key to create solid, valuable, long-term relationships for your business. Whether yours is a new venture or an established business, you will require business cards to propel your business forward. Not only do visiting cards help sharing your contact information, but they provide a brief glimpse into your business. 

    Ensure this glimpse into your business is eye-catching, attractive and irresistible for your potential customers. At Beast Branding you can get custom printed business cards for your business at reasonable costs. Visit our website and check out our offerings today!
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