5 Ways To Make Your Packaging Stand Out


Often overlooked, but packaging, can play a crucial role in customer satisfaction. The core purpose of packaging is to keep the product intact till it reaches the customer’s doorstep. And when your customer unboxes the package, they should stay excited and not feel detached. Imagine if they made an unboxing video of your product and your packaging is not good enough? It will reflect badly on your brand. 

Even though its main purpose is to protect its contents, packaging has become much more than that. Today, it is very much a part of the customer experience and can majorly influence how they perceive your brand and products.

This is exactly why packaging matters and should not be ignored. It is worthwhile to invest in better packaging, as it pays off in the long run. 

This blog will discuss some ways how you can make your packaging stand out. 

  • Research and understand the market
  • Before attempting to create the perfect packaging for your product line, it is essential that you know what your target market is, and who does your target audience comprise of. Once you know that, designing the package will become a lot simpler.

    For example, if your product is for children, the packaging should look fun, colorful and bright as opposed to sleek, monochrome and classy. Similarly, if your product is aimed at office going executives, you might want to keep your packaging sleek and classy. 

    You can also research about your competitors and how they are packaging their products. Depending on that you can design a package that looks refreshing and distinct from your competitors. 

  • Design a package that is in sync with the product
  • Your packaging should always enhance the product’s attributes and not diminish them. It should represent your product, rather than just being a protective cover for it. For example, a humorous label on a high-end perfume bottle will not succeed and might even confuse the customer.  

    Your design should serve as a way to establish your brand’s identity in the consumer’s minds. Let’s say you are selling a product that is eco-friendly, you can highlight that in your packaging by using the right colors, labels and design.

  • Choosing the right colors for the design
  • Colors can create an impact on people’s buying decisions and it is known that different colors attract different kinds of people in varied ways. Choose the right colors that go with your brand. 

    Depending on your brand and target audience, sometimes bold and unexpected colors might work well for your products, while sometimes it is best to stick to subtle tones and minimalist designs. 

    Creating a brand palette and using it for all kinds of packaging, design and communication can provide a uniformity to your brand and create a distinct identity in the customer’s minds. 

  • Size and Quality of the packaging matters a lot. 
  • Focusing on the design is great, but choosing the right size and quality of the packaging is crucial. Your packaging should be just the right fit because if it is too small, it won’t fit the product. If it is too big, it will occupy too much space on the shelves or in the bags. The packaging should be the right size, offer protection to the contents and be convenient to transport and store. 

    For example, it is often perceived that cheap packaging is equal to low quality product. Therefore, if you use cheap quality cardboard to package edibles that might stick to it and make it moist over time, it will not only ruin the product but your brand’s image too. 

  • Don’t be afraid to try new things
  • Traditional is good. But if you really want to set yourself apart from the rest, it is crucial to try out new things – yes, even when it comes to packaging. It is important if you don’t want to seem outdated in your design or overall look of the package. 

    Keep trying new things with your packaging. Small changes on a regular basis can keep your packaging fresh and trendy. Many brands don’t utilize the power of labels and messages on their packaging. Adding your brand story or product origin can help the customer relate to you. It can be a short message too, or something personalized that might strike the eye of the customer. 

    Ending Note

    The market is truly competitive and everyone’s out selling the best version of their products already. In such a competitive environment, you can stay ahead of your competitors by taking your packaging up a notch. Creating a unique packaging that represents the product, your brand and catches the customer’s attention is one of the most important factors in marketing and establishing customer connect. 

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